The history of Costruzioni Novicrom began in Pontedera in 1947 thanks to the capacity, initiative and courage of men who put to work their previous and personal work experiences in the mechanical industry.

Since 1997 Costruzioni Novicrom has been granted the ISO 9001 quality certification. From July 2010 Costruzioni Novicrom has also achieved certification UNI EN 9100 and from Dicembre 2022 it has achived certification UNI ISO 45001.
The staff and personnel who work within the company are rigorously screened and selected according to vari ous manufacturing requirements. During periodic work meetings with department heads, production trends are analyzed, issues and problems are confronted and strategic choices for the company are actively attended to. The Management office, along with the technical and administrative offices, coordinate and plan – with the help of modern data processing centres – the operating methods; as stipulated by its own Quality Manual. Costruzioni Novicrom has also received qualifications from their clients within the aeronautics sector. (Statement of Approval, ASD-EASE, MOE).
Quality tests of products are carried out in restricted areas at constant temperature. Certification and reports are issued on ZEISS, at the end of testing.

Costruzioni Novicrom is distinguished by operative flexibility and the production versatility the cover very different sectors such as construction based on drawings of machine tools, contruction of components for optical instruments, assembly of grops and subgroups, machining of automotive motors for sport employment.

Costruzioni Novicrom is a pioneer in the manufacture of components and aviation assemblies for the aeronautics industry, helicopters and aerospace, civil and military.
Having a highly specialized workforce, using operating machines and control instrument advanced tecnologically, meticulosy applying the procedure norms, continuously investing in technology and research Costruzioni Novicrom ensures its consumers a high quality of the worked product. Costruzioni Novicrom: precision mechanics in continuous evolution.

The construction of a new plant became necessary in 1964, thanks to the success of its original manual protective chrome plating system. Due to this success, the company undertook the task of mechanical manufacturing which required its structural expansion. Since 1964 the industrial complex has remained the seat of the company.

Thanks to continuous technical development, modern work plan, and a highly qualified workforce, Costruzioni Novicrom started work relationships with Alfa Romeo Di Pomigliano D’arco in 1964 and with Aeritalia Di Pomigliano D’arco in 1967. The deservedly achieved success of Costruzioni Novicrom after years of intense activity, has allowed them to have some of Italy’s leading companies as their customers. 
Presentation Costruzioni Novicrom srl
Codice Etico e Modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo, redatto in ottemperanza al D.Lgs. 231/2001
COSTRUZIONI NOVICROM S.R.L. da sempre dedica particolare e costante attenzione ai valori etici, alla dignità della persona, al rispetto delle norme, alla valorizzazione della salute e sicurezza sul luogo di lavoro: per la Società, la sicurezza dei lavoratori costituisce un principio fondamentale che ispira le scelte e le decisioni da perseguire con fermezza ed assoluto rigore.

Il Consiglio di Amministrazione di Costruzioni Novicrom S.r.l., in data 28/02/2020, ha deliberato l’approvazione del Codice Etico e del Modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo, redatto in ottemperanza al D.Lgs. 231/2001.




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